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Things to NOT ask your Pet Photographer

  1. Can I have all the digitals?

  2. Can you photograph my sisters wedding?

  3. Can you give me the raw images?

  4. These will be edited tomorrow?

  5. I want to edit the photos myself?

  6. My dog is beautiful can you photograph for exposure?

  7. Can you photograph our family reunion?

  8. Can I pay after the session?

  9. Will you hold this date for me?

  10. Can I enter this photo into a contest?

  11. Can I have a painter paint a portrait from your proof?

  12. Can I just print at Walmart?

  13. I work with rescue, will you photograph my pups for free?

  14. I volunteer, will you photograph my pups for free?

  15. Can I screen shot from the gallery?

  16. Do you have a real job?

  17. Can I take photos of you taking photos?

  18. Can I bring my best friends dog to our session also?

  19. How come you charge so much?

  20. My dog does not need to be on a leash... (YES...he does !)

So I covered most of this already. But here is a condensed version. Just kidding... its not condensed.

This is not meant to be ugly and some people NEVER even think about asking these things... but some people do ask.

I am not a digital photographer. You come to me for prints. I specialize in Pet Photography. I do not photograph human events. Every Pet Portrait Session is all about the pet.... however I do encourage family to jump in on a few at the end. NO CELL PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY at sessions. You hired me and paid my retainer... why would anyone take cell phone photos... NO.

You should never never never ask a pet photographer to photograph any wedding or special human event. You just shouldn't.

I do not give out raw or unedited photos. I give 10-15 images per session in a private PROOF gallery and they are the best of the session! Each image is ©Copyrighted ... I own every image I produce - Copyright & Usage Rights. The images cannot be altered in anyway... no text added and no Instagram filters etc. Because I own the copyright to each image, they are not allowed in any contest.

If you screenshot any image from a gallery that says PROOF or UNPAID PROOF. That is stealing. Copyright is the exclusive right of a photographer to control the use and reproduction of the photographs they create. Violators of this law are subject to both civil and criminal penalties.

Dates are not held. I work from retainer fees and I stay booked about 2 months in advanced. Weekends fill up fast. Dates are not confirmed until retainer fee is paid. Retainer fee is non-refundable... for any reason...non-refundable. But we can reschedule within 14 business days.

No image can be "painted" by an Artist without purchasing high resolution digital unwatermarked image. ($100.00 plus retainer fee and all print fees) And written permission to paint image from Sandra Ferguson Photography studio.

All images are printed at a professional print lab that has been printing studio artwork for a lifetime. I partner with these labs to ensure the best quality possible. (Walmart & Walgreens are NOT professional print labs)

I volunteer EVERY MONTH FOR ONE WEEK with rescue. Hours and hours of photographing and editing!!! I am not paid for that. Even if YOU volunteer or work for a rescue or know someone in rescue.... if you hire me - my retainer fee applies. (sorry, nobody works for free)

I do not photograph anyone, pets or things for exposure. It does not pay the bills or maintain my equipment. Rescue work is hard on equipment. Hot sweaty dogs, dog hair, cat hair, slobber and kisses...and sometimes dogs picking up my cameras... its hard on equipment. Cameras have to be serviced every quarter. Servicing can be $150-$600 every quarter. Cameras cost $3000-$5000. Exposure does not cover these items. Exposure is handled through studio advertising.

Lastly... yes... your dog needs to be on a leash. So many pet parents want to remove the leash at a park, the dog sees another dog or duck in the water and there goes the dog. Even the best of the BEST...trained dogs have taken off running. It is for your safety & your dogs safety. In studio... is determined as need be.


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