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You have the best job ~ Memphis Pet Photographer

Yes ... I do !

Is it hard times .... YES it is !

Pet Photography is a challenge at times! I love the challenge! Has there ever been a "pet" I didn't get a photo of ... no. But it was a challenge! (& honestly it may have been only one!)

HOOOOMAN photographers have an advantage. Their clients speak hoooooman! This photographer has to speak "dog" or "cat" or "horse" .... many different animals!

I have extreme "patience" when it comes to animals. I am watching them and watching their body language... listening to them speak an unspoken language. But patience is the key.

Pet Photographers have many tricks up their sleeves. Most people are shocked to find out... how I shoot in studio! (book a session you will see) Most pet parents get TIRED before the pet photographer. (Its true!)

We like to have this vision of our pets posing, modeling, sit and stay on command. But tons of our pets do not.... when they are brought to a strange place or this strange lady comes to their home. That is OKAY. There just needs to be a plan in place. And... don't get frustrated when your pets don't sit or stay... standing is okay, tongue out is okay.... lets just play and have fun ! I want to capture their unique personality!!


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