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Rescue Community is Hurting

Our rescue community had our hearts ripped into shreds recently. It has been all over the news and social media. Someone that was trusted betrayed them fiercely. The number of dogs that died at his home seems to still be unfolding. We are all still gasping for air every time we read any news about this case.

Our rescuers are tired. Daily, they are saving animals from death row in shelters, picking up strays, dealing with pet owners wanting to surrender their animals for one reason or another, paying thousands of dollars for heartworm treatments, vetting and surgeries. None of the rescue groups have enough volunteers or fosters. Animals are staying in foster homes for years & not getting adopted. They also never have enough money to help with all the expenses. There are only 24 hours in a day and they keep going. Even though their hearts are breaking for all the animals they cannot save.

The recent news was devasting, disturbing and gut wrenching. (I am still struggling with the news myself). But, don't let one bad persons actions discourage you. Don't let one bad person turn you against animal rescue. Don't let one bad person stop you from supporting your local rescues and shelters.

I am the smallest, of the smallest, part of the rescue world. I only photograph & offer my services in various ways. (I also understand volunteer burnout - I have been there!) I have never fostered because of my own personal full house of dogs. (4 but now only 2). My husband and I have talked about it briefly over the past few months about fostering. (fostering to adopt) Our hearts are still healing from the loss of our Ziggy & Sela. They were our kids, our family. It takes time to recover from a big loss.

It takes time for the rescue community to heal from the loss of so many animals, that did NOT have to die. Rescuers are here to save, not kill.

I don't have a solution for our rescue community, but my heart breaks with them. When you have been betrayed, it is hard to trust anyone. Ever. Why is betrayal so painful? It is an act not committed by enemies, but by people you trust.

Keep our rescue groups, shelters and volunteers in your thoughts and prayers. They need it. They need it daily. Everyday.

Help your rescue groups by volunteering, fostering, running errands, dog-sitting while fosters go on vacation, donations, show up at events, love on the animals, adopt if you are looking for a dog, share their post on social media, take photos for them, walk some shelter dogs, donate treats, blankets, towels, food and pray for them. You may think, like myself, its such a small gesture... it wont matter. But it does matter! It matters to the animals who are being rescued and saved. It matters to those that give abundantly of their lives to rescue and help animals in need.

For those of you in rescue - support and encourage each other, lift each other up, feed off all the positive energy, take breaks, be accountable, and ask for help. #staypawsitive


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