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Things to Ask Your Pet Photographer, #9

Do you sell digitals?????

This is a biggy!! Know this on the front end.

Every one has a camera (on phones) or they have purchased a DSLR. You can take all the digital photos you want and good ones!!! All those digitals you share on Facebook & Instagram are great!! You do not need to hire pet photographer for digital images.

But... digital images get lost on those phones over time, or you have so many you cant find the photo or your computer crashes and you lose it all !!!!

You receive a complimentary digital for every print you purchase (same digital as print). I do not sell digitals. Well, I will reword that.... I will sell a high resolution no watermark digital image and they are $100 each plus my retainer fee.

I have invested my expensive photography equipment, time, experience, gas/travel and post editing. So when you hire me it is for a professional image of your pet to be printed. You hire me for prints, canvas and wall art.


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